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Italy is the home of a vast variety of talented and competent professionals from a variety of social & cultural backgrounds. The Unseen Profiles is the first Italian platform connecting these professionals, with top companies in Italy and worldwide.

Our mission is to shed light on the extensive pool of talents that we have in Italy. In doing so, we tackle some of the systemic and unconscious biases that have limited the visibility of many talented POC (People Of Color) professionals during the recruitment process. We work with companies that recognize the high potential of a diverse workplace and are eager to boost their businesses with the best candidates while enforcing diversity management policies.

– CEO Michelle Francine Ngonmo

The composition of the workplace is a key element affecting a company’s ability to reach its audience and deliver quality and culturally conscious products and services. Diversity in the workplace is a critical precondition to meet the needs of diverse consumers. At the same time, focusing on diversity alone without a deeper organizational commitment to cultural competency and inclusion can damage a company’s outreach strategy and reputation.

The Unseen Profiles commits to bridging this gap between companies and skilled professionals of diverse backgrounds by mapping, engaging and mobilizing highly skilled POC (People Of Color) candidates. We have developed a community of over 3000 professionals that live, study and work in Italy and are striving to prove that having a multicultural background is an added value to their expertise... and to the companies who employ them.

Michelle Francine Ngonmo


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